Moms and Kids

Buckeye’s Start Smart for Your Baby program is for women who are pregnant and for moms who have just had a baby. We want to help women take care of themselves and their children through this whole process.

In this program, members can earn up to $225 on a pre-paid CentAccount card* for going to pre-natal, post-partum, and well-baby visits for the first 15 months of life. During the pregnancy, it’s also important for members to follow doctor’s orders for a healthy pregnancy. To be eligible, a pregnant woman must enroll before the third trimester.

Our Start Smart staff can answer questions and give support if a mom or mom-to-be is having a problem. Home visits can also be arranged if needed. There is even a way for women to earn rewards for going to the doctor.

Buckeye can help women pick a doctor and a hospital for care and delivery of a baby after he or she is born. We can also:

  • Remind women of prenatal visits.
  • Assist with transportation to and from doctor visits.
  • Provide a list of places in the community that may be able to help women get items they might need during pregnancy and after the baby is born, such as:
    • Food
    • Cribs
    • Housing or clothing
  • Provide information about how to eat healthy. We will provide information about WIC (Women’s, Infants and Children’s Program) services to help women get the foods they need while pregnant, and after the baby is born.

We have many ways to help you have a healthy pregnancy. But before we can help, we need to know you are pregnant. Please call us at 1-866-246-4359 (TTY 1-800-750-0750) as soon as you learn you are pregnant. We will set up the special care you and your baby need.


*Increased benefit is effective on September 1, 2013.