Your Benefits

At Buckeye Community Health Plan, you are our top priority day in and day out. We realize sometimes questions slip your mind when dealing with one of our healthcare professionals. Now, when that happens, you can search for answers anytime of the day on Krames Online, an up-to-date patient education resource. With access to more than 4,000 health and medication topics, Krames Online gives you and your family the ability to find answers to most questions, both big and small. Click on this link to start a search!

Your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Your PCP will work with you to direct your healthcare. Your PCP will do your regular check-ups and shots (including adult physicals) and will treat you for most of your routine healthcare needs. Visits to your PCP are not limited. If needed, your PCP will send you to other doctors (specialists) or admit you to the hospital.

Extra Services and Benefits

Buckeye offers the following extra services and benefits to its members. For more information on these services, check the information in the Member Handbook or call Member Services at 866-246-4358 (TTY 800-750-0750):

Start Smart For Your Baby:Earn up to $225:

Start Smart for Your Baby is our special program for women who are pregnant to help you take good care of yourself and your baby. In this program, members can earn up to $225 on a CentAccount card pre-paid Mastercard for going to pre-natal, postpartum, and well-baby visits for the first 15 months of life. During pregnancy, it’s also important for members to follow doctor’s orders for a healthy pregnancy.

To be eligible, a pregnant woman must enroll before the third trimester.

Be Well! Program:Earn up to $185,plus $50 for adolescents:

As a Buckeye Community Health Plan member, you can take part in a special member-only program called “Be Well!”

In addition to helping you live a healthy life, it also rewards you for being active in your healthcare. As part of our Be Well! Program, when you receive services listed below you can earn up to $185 plus $50 for each adolescent child you have enrolled on a pre-paid CentAccount card each calendar year that you are a Buckeye member.

  • Flu Shot (during flu season, September – April for ages 6 months – 5 years, and 50 years and older) – $25
  • Physician Exam with your PCP (Age 21 and older, with assigned PCP) – $35
  • Diabetic Management (Age 18 and older, all diabetic tests must be done int he same calendar year – LCL, HbA1c, Eye and Nep) – $100
  • Mammogram (Women ages 40 – 69) – $25
  • Adolescent Well Care (for each child ages 12 – 21 per year) – $50

(NOTE: This program applies once per member per calendar year, and stated information is effective September 1, 2013).

Transportation:For doctor visits and more:

Buckeye provides round trip coverage for covered services 30+ miles away. In addition, Buckeye offers up to 15 round-trip visits (30 one-way trips) per member per 12-month period to covered healthcare/dental appointments, WIC appointments, and redetermination appointments with your CDJFS caseworker.

Members can call TMS directly 48 hours (two business days) in advance at 1-866-531-0615 to schedule transportation.

Vision Services:Including exams and glasses:

Buckeye provides annual eye exams for children AND adults. Eyeglasses are provided annually for children under the age of 21 and adults age 60 or older and every two years for adults age 21 through 59. We offer an expanded selection of eyeglass frames to choose from, a wider selection than what is available with fee-for-service Medicaid. Please check the provider directory for a list of doctors contracted with Buckeye.

Buckeye will provide $50 toward the purchase of contact lenses, per member per year (every two years for adults age 21 through 59), and $50 toward the contact lenses fitting fee your vision provider charges, per member per year (every two years for adults age 21 through 59). Contacts are not covered by fee-for-service Medicaid. Contacts and glasses may not be obtained in the same year (or in the same two years for adults age 21 through 59). Effective July 1, 2013.

Dental Services:Including exams:

Buckeye’s dental services include two periodic oral exams and cleanings per year (more than what is available with fee-for-service Medicaid).

Want to find out more information on our programs and services? Visit the Stay Healthy section for a complete listing.